Brian Lew

Brian was born and raised in San Francisco. He became a follower of Jesus in middle school and has faithfully been a part of Cornerstone ever since. His passion is serving and interacting with people. Currently he serves as a church greeter and an adult fellowship coordinator. In his personal time, he enjoys playing board games and binge watching television series. Brian is joyfully married to his wife Terry and enjoys his time as a father to three very energetic children: Eden, Sophie and Asher.


Aron Lee

Aron came to know Christ as his Lord and Savior during his freshman year in high school. It was through the prayer and support of his friends that attended Cornerstone that he was able to come to know God. His walk with Christ became more serious in his freshman year in college. There, various doors of ministry were opened to him. His biggest passion of servanthood has been through the leadership ministry. Currently he serves as a church elder and assists in leading worship with the band ministry. He has previously served in the youth ministry for 9 years and has currently sponsored the college ministry for the past 12 years. Aron and his wife, Katrina, both head the ushering and hosting ministry. He is joyfully sharing his love for God with his wife and their three children, Kailyn, Noah, and Cory.


Robert Fong

Robert attended church in San Francisco from kindergarten to college. It was in junior high that Robert accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. While attending college, he fell away from church and did not return for nearly 20 years. He says he did not find Jesus; Jesus found him. After recommitting his life to Christ, he and his wife, Maria, were baptized and are raising their son and daughter in the Lord. Robert is blessed to be able to follow his passion for the Word by teaching College/Adult Sunday School. He is responsible for the Sunday School Ministry.


Ebrahim Chou

Ebrahim accepted Jesus Christ and began his relationship with the Lord in his youth. After graduating from high school, God gave opportunities for EB to serve in various ministries in the past 3 decades: high school reach-out, high school and college fellowship, and college Sunday School teacher. Through these ministries, he has been devoted to Christian discipleship and mentorship. Daily, he strives to know God more intimately and to make HIM known. He is currently serving as a member of Board of Elders. EB and his wife, Suzanne, have two sons and one godson.