IMPORTANT: Do not touch anything else on the website.

Below are the instructions for adding events on the website.

  1. Log into your squarespace account.
  2. Click "Pages".
  3. Click "Events".
  4. Click "+" sign.
    1. Enter Title
    2. Select Date/Time
    3. Enter Description.
  5. Add location (optional) - Click on Location.
  6. Add an image
    1. Option 1: Add an image by Chris Chu (recommended). He has lots of good photos! Fill out the form below to send the request.
    2. Add your own image (optional) - Click on Options
  7. Click on Save & Publish to make the event live on the website.


If you would like for Chris Chu to add a nice image for your event, please submit your request below. Turnaround time is within a week.

Name *
So that Chris knows which event to add the image to
Specify any recommendations of type of image you want. Otherwise, he will use his own judgement.